With over 12,000 International schools globally, it can be very difficult to decide where you would like to teach. Below you will find a percentage breakdown of International Schools by continent, as well as a brief overview of what each world region has to offer.


Asia And The Far East

Being the largest and most populous continent on the planet, Asia (and the Far East) boasts an enormous variety of cultures and languages. Many schools across Asia offer great benefit packages, often with low taxation rates. Popular countries include: Japan, China, South Korea and Thailand.


Percentage of Total Schools Worldwide

The Middle East

Home to some of the oldest human civilisations, the region known as the Middle East offers teachers a blend of sunshine, history, culture and generous tax-free salaries. Some of the most popular Middle Eastern countries to teach in include: UAE, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain.


Percentage of Total Schools Worldwide


With some of the highest International Teaching salaries, Europe remains a very attractive teaching location, with many cultural hubs such as Rome, Paris, and London a short flight away. Popular countries include: Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.


Percentage of Total Schools Worldwide


For International Teachers, Africa presents one of the most attractive packages. With competitive salaries and a low cost of living, teachers can save their money or use it to explore the breadth of Africa’s geographic and cultural diversity. Some of the most popular teaching destinations include: Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania.


Percentage of Total Schools Worldwide

Central And South America

Boasting countries of great cultural and historical wealth, the continents of Central and South America offer teachers relatively high salaries compared with the low cost of living. Popular destinations include: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Peru and Brazil.


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The warm climate and western-style of living are two reasons why many expat teachers choose to teach in Australasia. The two most popular countries are Australia and New Zealand.


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