International Schools Services (ISS) has been in operation for over 60 years and has placed tens of thousands of teachers in international schools around the world. They also oversee the openings of schools, manage schools, and provide professional development for teachers. In their own words, ISS is a ‘comprehensive, “one-stop” shop’ for international education. They require a

Teacher Horizons

Teacher Horizons advertise international teaching vacancies worldwide. Around since 2011 and run by former international school teachers and managers, they aim to build a community of international educators, working collaboratively with both teachers and schools. They have struck up partnerships with some of the most reputable international schools and have helped thousands of teachers successfully

Seek Teachers

SeekTeachers is a leading international education agency that aims to match teachers with suitable teaching positions. With a view to placing the most eager, educated and talent teachers, SeekTeachers use their wealth of international experience to establish lasting relationships with both candidates and schools, ensuring ideal matches can be made. They recruit for over 50


Established in 1986, TIE facilitates a marketplace for international education, where teachers can upload their resumés and educational institutions can post jobs. Whether teacher or institution, you can browse and select the opportunity that is right for you. Teachers can even notify schools of their interest while browsing. TIE charges a basic fee of 39 USD


Sabis operates a network of International Schools across five continents. Through their online application system, teachers can find a position within their school network in one of over twenty countries. Sabis can offer teachers the opportunity to follow varied careers paths outside of standard class teaching, continue their professional development, as well as having the option

Teach and Explore

This Irish-based teacher recruitment agency works to match professional teachers with great International Teaching positions. Their focus is primarily in the Middle East, but they also have positions in China, South Korea, Japan and Thailand. Teach & Explore works closely with international teaching candidates to help each ‘secure a teaching position that matches their ambitions, qualifications, experiences and


Teachanywhere works closely with both teachers and schools to ensure that the best matches are found for each. They also support teachers with the often difficult transition to a culture and country, including providing the advice of former international teachers to help inform and inspire new expat teachers. Operating since 2004, teachanywhere helps teachers secure


The Council of British International Schools (COBIS) represents more than 450 schools in over 80 countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, advertising teaching vacancies in these schools. For teachers, they provide professional development opportunities and networking opportunities between their member schools. These member schools are accredited and therefore meet a high standard.

TES offers one of the easiest and most straightforward ways of applying for an International Teaching position. Schools advertise vacancies on the website and teachers can apply directly. Most schools will require a CV and Cover letter but some schools do insist on teachers filling in an application form. As well as advertising a host teaching positions, the

Search Associates

Search Associates has been operating for over 30 years, helping more than 3,000 teachers secure positions annually. They have a reputation for delivering high quality consultancy services, matching qualified and experienced teaching candidates with top quality international schools around the globe. Search Associates requires a substantial first-time joining fee of 225 USD. Their most attractive feature