There are over 2200 British International Schools Worldwide. British International Schools are not monitored by any agencies of the British Government, therefore the quality of education can vary widely, from excellent to appalling.The Council of British International Schools (COBIS) works with the UK Department of Education to ensure standards are met. There are currently 250 British International Schools which are COBIS certified. It is important to note that ONLY schools that are Accredited Members of COBIS have been fully approved and meet UK standards. COBIS membership is broken into the following three categories:

      1. Accredited Member: These schools have been inspected by a government approved inspectorate (BSO) and meet UK standards.
      2. Member: These have not yet had an inspection by a government approved inspectorate. They have either proved their suitability and have agreed  to undertake a BSO inspection within 3 years or have successfully competed an inspection with CIS. Schools who do not undergo a BSO inspection may keep their membership at the discretion of COBIS.
      3. Candidate School: This is for new schools whose development plans meet COBIS standards. This status is available for 3 years – from 1 year before to 2 years after opening. They must apply for an alternative membership level after this time.

Below you will find a list of British International schools as well as schools that offer some blend of the UK curriculum. The schools that are highlighted fit into one of the three COBIS categories.

*Please note that this is unlikely to be a comprehensive list as the number of new international schools is ever growing. We will update new schools as soon as we can!