Looking to make the move into International Teaching? Or already on the International scene but fancy a change and don’t know where to start? Look no further than International Teachers Hub. We are a website set up by teachers to help teachers. We only have one aim and that is to give teachers every opportunity to find the very best jobs in International Education. Our website does not claim to be revolutionary, rather it was borne out of a common frustration: that the information required to adequately research International Teaching Jobs was scattered over far too many websites, often with conflicting information. Our goal has been to put everything you need to know about International Teaching on one easy-to-use website.

On our website you will find:

  • A comprehensive list of Recruitment Agencies and links to their websites
  • Details of International Job Fairs
  • CV tips and templates
  • Information on the different types of International Schools
  • An overview of the various International School Curricula
  • A comprehensive directory of all International Schools (IB, American, British etc.)
  • Links to Continuous Professional Development courses and further education
  • A Hub where teachers can share their stories, resources, ideas, information, as well as support each other

Working in an International School can be a richly rewarding experience but it can also be a truly testing time for many teachers, depending on where you end up. That is why we encourage teachers to offer genuine and honest advice based on their experiences. We hope to build a community of teachers who support and look out for each other so that no one ever has to feel alone, wherever in the world they may be.