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Job Fairs are a very popular way for International Educators to secure teaching positions abroad. ISS and Search Associates are currently leading the charge, with Teach Away and Edvectus having recently followed suit. You usually have to be signed up or registered with an Agency in advance in order to attend a Job Fair. They are often held in hotel conference rooms with an open-plan layout.

There are many benefits to attending Job Fairs, including: 

  • The opportunity to meet a large number of Principals face-to-face
  • Being able to compare offers and schools before making a decision
  • Having the opportunity to network with schools and teachers
  • Schools often make their offers at the fair, meaning that you could quite easily leave the fair with a job

There are also some drawbacks to attending Job Fairs:

  • Depending on the location of the fair, you may have to pay for flights and accommodation in order to attend
  • You may need to take some time off from work to attend
  • There are no guarantees that you will secure a job, as competition for positions can be fierce
  • There is often a registration fee of between $50 and $100 (USD) in order to secure your place at the fair

*ISS has recently started hosting 'iFairs',  which are online Job Fairs. iFairs can significantly reduce costs while still providing many of the benefits of a conventional Job Fair. We predict many Recruitment Agencies will soon adopt this trend. 

Search Associates

Fair TypeLocation Date
Face-to-Face (Leadership Positions)Bangkok, Thailand
17-19 Nov, 2017
Face-to-FaceToronto, Canada 8-10 Dec, 2017
Face-to-FaceMelbourne, Australia3-6 Jan, 2018
Face-to-FaceBangkok, Thailand8-11 Jan, 2018
Face-to-FaceHong Kong, China12-14 Jan, 2018
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK18-21 Jan ,2018
Face-to-FaceCambridge, USA25-28 Jan, 2018
Face-to-FaceSan Francisco, USA9-12 Feb, 2018


Fair Type Location Date
iFairOnline14th Oct 2017
iFairOnline18th Nov 2017
Face-to-FaceAtlanta, USA3rd -5th Dec 2017
Face-to-FaceBangkok, Thailand 5th - 9th Jan 2018
Face-to-FaceNew York, USA8-11 Feb 2018
iFairOnline17 Mar 2018

Teach Away

Fair Type LocationDate
Face-to-Face San Francisco, USA9th Feb 2017
Face-to-Face San Francisco, USA12th Feb 2017



Fair Type Location Date
Face-to-FaceWorldwide (ADEC Jobs)
- London
- Dublin
- US: Charlotte, NYC, Chicago, Boston
- CA: Toronto, Vancouver
- SA: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban
-Abu Dhabi
Oct / Nov 2017
Face-to-FaceSouth AfricaLate March - Early April
Face-to-FaceAbu DhabiLate March - Early April
Face-to-FaceLondon, UKEarly April
Face-to-FaceDublin, IrelandLate March - Early April
Face-to-FaceChicago, USALate March - Early April
Face-to-FaceNew York, USALate March - Early April
Face-to-FaceHouston, USALate March - Early April

*Edvectus do not release the date of the fairs. The exact interview location and timing will be given to candidates who are registered for the event.


Fair TypeLocationDate
Face-to-FaceHong Kong13th-15th Oct, 2017
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK25th-28th Jan, 2018

Association of American Schools in South America

Fair TypeLocationDate
Face-to-FaceAtlanta, USA30th Nov - 3rd Dec 2017

International Teachers Plus

Fair TypeLocationDate
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK22nd April 2017
Face-to-FaceToronto, Canada29th April 2017
Face-to-FaceBoston, US6th May 2017



Fair TypeLocationDate
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK16th Sept 2017
Face-to-FaceManchester, UK17th Sept 2017
Face-to-FaceDubai, UAE3rd-5th Oct 2017
Face-to-FaceAbu Dhabi, UAE6th Oct 2017
Face-to-FaceAbu Dhabi, UAE7th Oct 2017
Face-to-FaceToronto, Canada
19th Nov 2017
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK4th Nov 2017
Face-to-FaceManchester, UK5th Nov 2017
Face-to-FaceAbu Dhabi, UAE21st Nov 2017
Face-to-FaceAbu Dhabi, UAE22nd Nov 2017
Face-to-FaceAbu Dhabi, UAE23rd Nov 2017
Face-to-FaceAbu Dhabi, UAE
24th Nov 2017
Face-to-FaceAbu Dhabi, UAE25th Nov 2017
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK2nd Dec 2017
Face-to-FaceManchester, UK3rd Dec 2017
Face-to-FaceDublin, Ireland9th Dec 2017
Face-to-FaceBangkok, Thailand6th Jan 2018
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK13th Jan 2018
Face-to-FaceManchester, UK14th Jan 2018
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK24th Jan 2018
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK25th Jan 2018
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK26th Jan 2018
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK27th Jan 2018
Face-to-FaceAbu Dhabi, UAE2nd Feb 2018
Face-to-FaceAbu Dhabi, UAE3rd Feb 2018
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK17th Feb 2018
Face-to-FaceManchester, UK
18th Feb 2018
Face-to-FaceDublin, Ireland24th Feb 2018
Face-to-FaceLondon, UK28th April 2018


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