International Curriculum


British Curriculum 

British International Schools follow the National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Schools in the UK and ensure that all students receive the same high standard of education. The British curriculum is divided into 'Early Years Foundation' and five 'Key Stages.' At the end of each Key Stage, students are tested on their progress.

Key StagesAgeYear GroupsUS Grade Equiv. Assessment
Foundation Stage3-5Nursery / ReceptionPre-school-
Key Stage 15-71-2Kindergarten SATs
Key Stage 2 7-113-62nd - 5th SATs
Key Stage 311-147-96th - 8th -
Key Stage 4 14-1610-119th - 10th GCSE / iGCSE
Key Stage 5 (6th Form)16-1812-1311th - 12th A Level

The curricula is standardised, making it straightforward when transferring schools.

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American Curriculum 

Unlike the British Education system, the American Education system does not prepare students for national Examinations like GCSE or A levels. Instead, students work towards the completion of a High School Diploma. Assessment is generally continuous and made up of a combination of exams, essays, in-class work, homework assignments, group work, attendance etc. There is a final grade award for each course at the end of the semester.

These grades are averaged over the student’s high school career, resulting in a Grade Point Average (GPA). The student's overall academic history is recorded in a transcript which is later requested by Universities seeking to evaluate the student.

Students who plan to go to college take college aptitude tests, generally the American College Testing (ACT) programme and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), both of which are recognised by accredited universities to evaluate potential students. Tests are of the multiple-choice type and are not based directly on school work, rather they are designed to measure aptitude and verbal and mathematical skills rather than knowledge.

Level of StudyAge GradeUK Equiv.Assessment
Nursery / Pre school3-4-Nursery Reception-
Elementary / Primary School5-10Kindergarten - 5th Year 1-6
(Key Stage 1 & 2)
Continuous Assessment
Middle School11-136th - 8th Year 7-9
(Key Stage 3)
Continuous Assessment
High School14-189th - 12th Year 10-13
(Key Stage 4 & 5)
GPA - (Continuous Assessment)

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The International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum 

The IB programme is broken up into three parts, with some schools offering one of these programmes (most often the Diploma Programme), while other schools offer all three programmes. 

The three IB Programmes are:

  1. The Primary `Years Programme (PYP) for students aged 3 -12, with assessment carried out by teachers.
  2. The Middle Years Programme (MYP) or pre-IB, for students aged 11-16, intended to prepare students for the IB Diploma.
  3. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) is taught in English , French or Spanish. Students receive the diploma after passing exams and completing their programme requirements.

The Career Related Programme (CP) is for students engaged in career-related education.

ProgrammesAgeUK Equiv.US Equiv.Assessment
Primary Years Programme
3-12Foundation - Key Stage 2Nursery - 5th GradeContinuous Assessment
Middle Years Programme
11-16Key Stage 3-46th - 8th GradeIB MYP Certificate
(Must compete 8 e-assessments)
Diploma Programme
16-19Key Stage 510th - 12th GradeIB Diploma Certificate (External & Internal Assessment)
Career Related Programme
16-19Key Stage 5 10t - 12th GradeExternal & Internal Assessment

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Canadian Curriculum

Like the American system, education in Canada is a provincial responsibility, meaning there are significant differences between education systems in different provinces. Students work towards a High School Diploma (typically over 4 years). Assessment is generally continuous and made up of a combination of exams, essays, in-class work, homework assignments, group work, attendance etc. Requirements for being awarded the diploma vary by jurisdiction. Typically they include a combination of continuous assessment and exams.

Level of StudyAge Grade UK Equiv. US Equiv.Assessment
Pre-Kindergarten 3-5- FoundationPre-school-
Kindergarten 5-6Kindergarten Key Stage 1 Nursery-2nd Grade-
Elementary 6-12Grade 1-8Key Stage 2-3 2nd-8th Grade Continuous Assessment
Junior High 12-15Grade 9-10Key Stage 3-48th-10th GradeExam + Continuous Assessment
Senior High15-18Grade 10-12Key Stage 510th-12th Grade High School Diploma (Exam + Continuous Assessment)

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