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    I’m a primary teacher and recently signed up with a recruitment agency. I want to move to Abu Dhabi but they’ve just told me I won’t be able to get a job there because because my degree and PGCE don’t match. Has anyone heard anything like this before?

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    I was offered a job in a primary school in Abu Dhabi, had all my documents attested etc (cost a fortune) and they could not get me a visa because my degree and PGCE don’t match. In the end I managed to get another job in Dubai where it wasn’t an issue. So maybe try Dubai instead. ADEC are gone way too strict now about the BA degree, it must be in education for Primary.

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    ADEC have made changes and are becoming stricter all the time. As of 2016/2017 they are enforcing the rule that teachers must have obtained a university degree in the specialty required with a minimum grade of good. Essentially meaning your degree must be in the subject you are applying to teach.

    For primary teachers they require a BEd/BA Education Degree. Hence, if you have a degree in another field and then did your PGCE primary you will not meet their new requirements.

    For Secondary teachers they will accept a degree plus PGCE (or equiv) but the degree must be in the subject to be taught. For example a person with a BA in English and History can teach those subjects but a person with a BA in Engineering cannot teach Maths.

    Other important things to note for teachers wanting to work in Abu Dhabi:

    1. Applicants born before 1/1/1965 are not eligible to apply
    2. Non-national applicants must have of two years work experience (in any school).
    3. An applicant’s work experience has to include the pervious school starting and resignation date. Moreover, it has to be attested.
    4. The candidate has to obtain (IELTS) Certificate in the following:
    ▪ English (Academic IELTS) 6.5
    ▪ Mathematics and Information Technology 5.5
    ▪ Learning Recourse Centre 0.4
    5. Priority in recruitment will be given to nationals & preference is given to ICDL holders.
    6. Conditions change annually as work needs change.

    * If you are currently working in a school in Abu Dhabi without a matching degree you may meet obstacles later if you wish to move to a new school due to the above changes.

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